Wyrd and Wonder 2021

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Found this earlier this year. But it was only yesterday that I realized that it has already begun. But it does not matter to me. It’s so that I think I should try to do something this month, something that makes this blog post my sign-up but also my way of briefly summarizing what I intend to come up with during the month.

Something I have a great love for is just fantasy, so that this is a month dedicated to just fantasy in all its forms is something I love. Whether it’s books, movies or comics. I love fantasy. Role-playing is also something that I feel places below. Even though I do not play often or much. That’s how I did it anyway. Have an idea that one day I will start playing roles again.

Something that makes this so heavenly nice is that I do not have to do extremely much. Do not have to feel that I “must” do everything that can be done. I do not have to do all the challenges they have. Even if it’s so I think I should try to do it. In my way. My terms. As usual.

It is also the case that Wyrd and Wonder works with the readathon I am doing right now. Reading through Azeroth. I’m mostly reading fantasy so it fits in well with this. It does not get harder for me to make any blog posts for it all. It’s more so that I will probably post a little more often than I usually do.

I think this is a challenge for me to come up with more things to write about on the blog that have to do with fantasy, which is not just my TBR for the week. It is also the case that I want to make more book tags, preferably with a fantasy theme. Do not think it will be too difficult to find some with a fantasy theme. It’s more like I feel this is going to be a fun thing for me to do. Something that will make me feel that this is worth doing.

It will also make me not only read but also make sure something happens on my blog. That it is so that I will not only get caught up in just reading this month which could easily happen. Or that I’m playing WoW, when I’m just starting to play it all. But hope I can read a lot of fantasy and write a lot of fantasy posts.

Hope this is so that I can get up at least two blog posts that are not my TBR every week. Not quite sure how it will go though. In any case, I feel extremely pissed off about doing Wyrd and Wonder. It feels like it will be interesting to see what everyone else does with the concept. To read what everyone else is writing or telling. Believe it or not, I will love and continue to do Wyrd and Wonder every year.

Challenges available here – https://onemore.org/2021/03/28/the-wyrd-and-wonder-challenge-2021/

And it’s so that I think it’s so that I should try to either get some of them as separate blog posts and some as several challenges in a blog post. But depending on which it is, I want to tell more about it all, than about others. But I have in mind to try to do all the challenges, in the form that I feel most eager to do it in.

Lets see everything I intend to do for Wyrd and Wonder. But there is at least one thought behind it all. However, I will see if my thought will work or if it will go totally to the forest.

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